May I suggest, if you've come here to find any "trouble" or to ridicule the writer of these notes, that you let go of the mean, angry thoughts that have had you wandering in various hell-states for the last few aeons? No better method exists than contemplating the letter "A" in Sanskrit siddham script. By gazing with an open heart at the "Ajikan" you will quickly purge away your karmic filth and become a radiant Buddha. As soon as you achieve realization, along with a thrill of the most surpassing joy you may also begin to feel a little sad about how you wasted so many lives dirtying your pure original nature by sulking over imagined wrongs or disparaging, jeering at and hurting other people. Let it go! You don't have the old grinning hell demon visage anymore -- you have even dropped that dull and stupid "zombie" look that used to so dishearten all the people around you. The Buddha blinks, and your eyes uncloud. Bo-ji so-wa-ka!